Cupids Arrow Sex Machine

This sex machine has a bendable end which allows you to place the dildo to start the fucking in whatever position you like!

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Cupids Arrow Sex Machine:

Features: Firm and made from Rubber - the Dildo Measures 7 inches and with the specially fabricated flexible connection to enable pleasure in almost any position!

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Cupid's Arrow Pleasure Machine

cupids arrow sex machine

Another pic of 'the doc' showing how easy this is to use:

cupid arrow fucking machine

Cupid's arrow sex machine

The Cupid arrow sex machine is the real deal! It gives you breathtaking sexual waves that you have never imagined before. Totally controlled by a remote control, in which you have almost 350 strokes every sixty seconds, with this very powerful sex machine!

There are many advantages to cupid's arrow sex machine. The major advantage is that it is really easy to hide, so there really is no worries when you have to tuck it away and keep it hidden in your bed side drawer! The machine does not weigh much but is still one of the strongest sex machines you will ever have... it just keeps on giving!

Cupids arrow sex machine has a connector attached to it, which can have a 7 inch dildo attached neatly to the end. While it thrusts inside you, it is remarkably quiet for such a powerful sex machine. It is the most discreet sex machine ever!

The machine has seven different kinds of speed programmed into it; all of them can be controlled through a small remote control that being wireless can be operated 5 meters away.

Even the slowest speed is not slow, it gives you 50 strokes per minute and if you want more you can go up to 350 strokes in a one minute period. The length of the thrust is 6 cm.

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"When my boyfriend is not around I take out my cupid arrow sex machine and have more fun that I can ever imagine! While using this machine I am in total control and I keep on playing with till I can't take it anymore. By the end both my holes are filled and completely satisfied. It may be little costly but it makes up for it with plenty of out of this world orgasms... plus it's not as if it's going to run out of puff or cum early on you is it!!"