Sex Machines Questions

What is a sex machine/fucking machine?

A sex machine is an invention that comes from the States. It's a technological breakthrough, some say better than whoever invented sliced bread, and it mimics being fucked using a dildo on the end, however there are a few distinct advantages such as being able to control the speed of thrusting to your own preference.

There are also some very special tweaks and engineering that have gone into the sex machine through years of trial and error (meaning feedback from watching real women using them and fine tuning them to bring the best ever orgasmic pleasure!), and of course how long you keep the sex machine going for - all to bring you the best sexual experience you've probably ever had!

What is this site about?

This site was created to help people find the ideal sex machine that they are looking for. This site lists all available sex machines available to buy in the UK from the top sex toys provider, so you can buy discreetly online and have a sex machine or three delivered to you in complete confidence and discretion.

Why do buy now links take me to another site?

We work with one of the biggest online sex toy retailers and want to deliver the best sex machines to our site visitors with the best prices and delivery we can find, sex machines are very much a niche market so it's a win win situation for the customer and the retailer - we are always searching for the best products for our loyal visitors, so if we find better products elsewhere we will update the website accordingly.

We love feedback - please let us know how good your sex machine is and anything else you want to tell us about how it changed your sex life!