Inflatable Sex Machine

You girls will love this inflatable sex machine, capable of many different positions, as well as the ability to control the speed remotely, you won't be able to get enough of this inflatable sex machine! Hold on with the seat handles and away you go!

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Inflatable Sex Machine Overview:

Price: £169.99
Save: £80.00

Remote Control
Variable Speed
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Inflatable sex machine

Are you tired of the same old boring sex, or is it needing something to heat it up? And do you need some excitement in your sex life? Then the inflatable sex machine is just the sex machine for you. On it you can take full advantage of it while in your home and have your evenings filled with amazing pleasure, and sexual tension never experienced before.

The Inflatable Sex Machine is the first sex machine that rightly claimed to be not only portable but can also be fixed in any position. All you have to do is inflate it, choose an angle, press the button on the remote and get ready for thrilling sex!

The sleek vinyl octagon rapidly swells and can hold around 300 lbs, making a perfect little spot for either you alone or with your partner! Are you getting excited yet?...

The best aspect of the inflatable sex machine is that you do not have stay fixed to one single position each time but you can many different positions and angles... thrice the fun!

Once you position yourself to the desired position you just have to press the button of the remote control and the machine will start doing it's thing. Then you slide yourself onto it and adjust to your ideal position until you and your partner are at the help of sexual satisfaction. The inflatable sex machine promises to give you a sensual feeling with every stroke.

On the inflatable sex machine you can try many new kinds of positions you never thought possible...

Randy says:
"We were bored with our sex life when we decided to give this inflatable sex machine a try. And oh my, we had the best bedroom adventure ever! Since then we use the inflatable sex machine regularly, it's made sex without it even better too. At times my wife just gets on it to tease my mind out till I go and grab her. The machine is simply amazing, it starts running just with the press of a button. We stroke, pump and thrust up and down and try positions we never thought were possible! Thank you Inflatable sex machine for giving us our sex life back"