Love Machine Sex Machine

Get some real sex action with the love sex machine - guaranteed to please every time - this one is actually very popular with the ladies and couples!

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The Love Machine Specs

It thrusts, vibrates and strokes.

Choose 5 options: Climax - Vibrate - Teasing - Foreplay or Pusating!

Choose your position!

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Love sex machine

The love sex machine is not just a toy it is a complete adult sex toy kit with all the necessary items attached to it. It is made especially to stimulate both the genders, it comes with many erotic attachments for you to select from.

The best thing about love sex machine is that it is ready to give you what you need whenever you are feeling horny or naughty! All you have to do is to get on the love sex machine either straight on the wall or you could go for the doggy style or simply lie on your back and have the vibrating dildo in you to experience one amazing orgasm after another.

Any position that you like is possible with the womans love sex machine. If you like being on the top just straddle on it and experience the ride never experienced before. The pumping arm of the love sex machine can go from 0 to 90 degrees so that you can locate the best angle which hits you perfectly on your G spot!

What is the Love Sex Machine?

The love sex machine like the name suggests is a wild sex machine that has the power of giving you a chance to convert your wildest fantasies into reality. Its height extends to 10 inches; length is around 10 inches and the width almost 9 inches. This device has been made to be a partner to you when your lover is not with you. It will turn a lonely night into a night of indulgence! You can even have some wild sex party by having a girl's slumber party and then have fun with it all night long!

The love sex machine comes with a vibrating dildo that can be adjusted at any angle, gives you variety of speed with stroking and thrusting along with several massage programs. The love sex machine is purely unique because it has six different attachments with it that can give plenty of pleasure to both men and women.